Talib Hussain

Relationship & Energetic Coach

Reiki Practitioner

Meditation and Yoga Teacher


ABOUT Me:The standard version

I’m Talib, a seeker and student of life.

I love learning, engaging dialogue, enriching relationships, and deepening my practice. I’m dedicated to discovering who I am through inquiry, practice, and creating space for others to connect, explore, and strengthen the mind. Whether meditation, coaching, or reiki, I cherish the time & space I share with my clients.

I look forward to connecting with you.


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In 2014 I participated in Jonathan Fields' Good Life Project Immersion Program, where I learned about the importance of authentic connection, vitality, contribution and most importantly of all, the importance of aligned community and the permission to be my full Self.

In 2016 I became certified in Applied Positive Psychology through the Flourishing Centre based in New York City, incorporating the lessons into all areas of my life.

An avid meditator, practicing for 15 years, deepening my meditation practice with two Vipassana retreats, Transcendental Meditation training and becoming a level three reiki practitioner.

In 2018 I deepened my yoga practice by diving into teacher training at Octopus Garden, completing my 500 hours.



After my first reiki session with Talib, I was literally skipping and singing down the street, as I felt so open, clear and free from our hour-long session together. I was flooded with a feeling of expansion and clarity, a result of his loving touch and ability to hold space for me.
— Brooke
Talib is clear, grounded and guided.

He takes his time, aptly fine tuning his deep listening to the individual needs of each person he lays hands on or over, depending on what intuitively feels appropriate.

I notice his consistency, his respectful approach, his awareness of energetic boundaries and his understanding of the dedication and devotion required to practice his craft.
— Bryonie
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Talib both professionally and personally. He has been a beautiful presence and lovely addition to our studio family. He gives so generously to those around him.

Personally, he has been a mentor and incredible coach through difficult obstacles I’ve had to navigate in my business and personal life. He is present and commits to providing his undivided attention, really listens, takes in what you have said and then offers such grounding advice that I take with me daily.

Talib’s words have weight and profound meaning.
— Rachelle Wintzen Founder Chi Junky Yoga Studio
Talib has a unique energy about him that makes people feel held and supported, allowing people to begin to drop into themselves without feeling alone or overwhelmed.

During my reiki session with Talib I felt as if I accessed a depth and stillness I have not had a glimpse of very often. I came out of it feeling like I had gained more clarity around certain mental and emotional knots while feeling like my sense of self compassion had unfurled and magnified.
— Jess