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Meditation @ Focus Mindspace

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every tuesday - 6:00pm to 6:30pm
every wednesday - 6:00pm to7:00pm

Many ask me what is meditation and after fifteen years on this train I can certainly conjure up something but I prefer that each individual experience different ways of meditating and arrive at their own definition. I want to share with both the new and the experienced how to have fun with the process of exploring Self and to be a counter to the many myths currently in circulation.

What is the difference between mind and brain? What are the possible short term benefits and what are some possible long term benefits of meditating? What is the difference between sitting in silence versus meditating? Why is it so challenging to sit, even if its just for five minutes? Is meditation for everyone? These are just a few of many questions to encourage exploration and curiosity around meditation.


Meditation and Reiki @ Chi Junky Studio

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meditation - zoning into zen
Every tuesday - will return in the fall.

This is a meditation class for all levels. If you are just starting out and curious about meditation or looking to dive deeper into your practice or perhaps you are just looking for a community to zen the funk out with, this class is for you. We explore and play with different ways of meditating. Meditating in silence, focusing on breath, body scans, sound, music and even writing as a meditation. The key words here are exploration and play. This class will mindfully move you towards a path to deeper connection to Self and living a life from the inside out.


private reiki sessions @ chi junky studio
availability - Every Tuesday - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

I’m excited to announce that starting May 21st, you'll be able to book me online or in-studio for a 70 minute Reiki session.

As a massage is for the physical body, Reiki is a massage for the energetic body, getting to the root and unlocking the emotional and mental discomforts and blocks that have manifested into our physical world. With meditation and Reiki we begin connecting with the energetic, emotional and mental states of our being, moving and exploring deeper within so that we may with time experience and express our more authentic Self without.

Session Breakdown*:

10min - Guided Meditation
50min - Reiki
10min - Grounding and Reflection

$125+hst | 10% discount for Chi Junky members


Reiki Restorative @ Kula Yoga


restorative yoga led by bryonie
reiki by talib
every friday - 8:30pm to 10:00pm

Almost two years ago I began my career as a Reiki Practitioner and evolved my practice here at Kula. This studio has become a very special place for me as I’ve had the opportunity to give mini reiki sessions to hundreds of sweet souls of this beautiful community. Just when you thought there could be nothing better then melting into deep relaxation over bolsters and blankets, we invite you to discover the healing and transformational possibilities of Reiki in this special restorative class. Bryonie will guide you to slow down, calm your mind, and connect to your breath while myself and Brooke move around the room offering healing energy so you may leave feeling nourished in body, mind and spirit.